About Monsters

It won’t be on my upcoming EP, it might be inspired of the current mood but all in all it is about a feeling I now and then find myself in since the early days. When I was a little kid I was afraid of the dark, of mysterious light and sounds, of possible ghosts and other awful creatures hunting us down. Growing up I realised the only Monsters that exist are humans. Monsters is a song about cruelty, about looking away from problems, about this all deadening feeling that sometimes envelops me of being part of a massive crime and being unable to change it around because seemingly no ones cares and at times it breaks me and the people around me.



I don’t want to see more women being laughed at or talked down for wanting more, being described and talked about like a bad art historian would describe an object he’s attracted to, being mentally and physically abused, being used and lied to, being raped. I don’t want to be part of a Union that leaves people to die and even kills them out of hate and fear to lose something killing everyone. I don’t feel it is okay to laugh about someone to make them feel bad, I don’t feel it is okay to look away when someone in your environment experiences abuse and you don’t help, do anythying about it or even turn against them too and help the mass bullying. In my mind this list is long. I think it is easy to look away. To get distracted. To think other people are strange. To be afraid. To feel it is not in our hands.



I feel we have a choice, we still can go the fairy way! No need to be a Monster! Thinking is a good way of dealing with life and lot’s isn’t right! And sometimes, sometimes life feels too much to be part of it. I thought talking about this might be good.



Stay safe, speak up, stand up for a future! Don’t look away! It won’t go away!